Monday, April 9, 2018

International Cricket Council Shares Wheelchair Cricket India Match's picture

International Cricket Council shared our Match's Picture with hashtags #MondayMotivation #ShotOfTheDay.

Match was between UP & PUNJAB Wheelchair Cricket Teams at Lovely Professional University as a part of  Vistaar- 2018 -Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation Conference & Para Sports Competitions. 



Why is it important being noticed by an Organisation like ICC? 

Sport can play a key role in the lives and communities of people with disabilities, the same as it can for people without a disability.

There is a wealth of evidence to support participation in sport and physical activity for people with a disability concerning trends, barriers and benefits of participation. Over the past three decades, numerous studies have revealed that physical activity and sport participation result in improved functional status and quality of life among people with selected disabilities.

Scientific research has been conducted across disability groups that reveal participation in sport and physical activity leads to improved levels of physical health and well-being. 

Sport and physical activity has also been shown to improve physical fitness and general mood in psychiatric patients with depressive and anxiety disorders. Additionally, sport and physical activity has been linked to improvements in self-confidence, social awareness and self-esteem and can contribute to empowerment of people with disabilities.

Cricket being most followed sport in India can play very important role in shaping lives of disables and also 'Accessible India' campaign. In a short span of 2 -3 Years the kind of support Wheelchair Cricket has garnered in all corners of India clearly proves that. No other Disable Sport has ever found that kind of support and following. 

ICC noticing and acknowledging the motivational aspect of Wheelchair Cricket further strengthens our  belief towards the power of sport and specially Cricket on Wheels.

Signing Off

Sqn Ldr Abhai

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